About us

We are more than just an accommodation provider

Leisure Rentals is a brand name of Real Estate agency Leisure Properties. Leisure Properties' succesful business model, which we call a 'buy-to-let' system, results in a frequent flow of new homes into our portfolio. Leisure Properties sells a second home and LR offers its service to its new owners. Leisure Rentals' homes are modern, comfortable and professionally equipped for your next stay. Your comfort is our priority!

Local presence

Our rental managers are always in the vicinity of your property. Any action that needs to be taken, can be done swiftly. With knowledge of the area, we will gladly be your partner in fulfilling your needs.

Hotel-grade cleaning

We provide allergy-free, hotel-grade bedlinnen and bathtowels and all the necessary basic needs to get your holiday started. We can provide a statement of dermatological testing on request.

24/7 communication

Our international rental managers are available every day of the week to answer your questions before, during and after your holiday. We can be reached through all modern means of communication.


“A very professional and friendly organization”

We have acquired our apartment through Leisure Properties. We were optimally satisfied at all times with this extremely professional and friendly organization that managed the sale absolutely correctly and smoothly! We never expected that our apartment would be rented out so well by Leisure Rentals in the first year; we are very positively surprised. Thanks LP and LR; The cooperation is really fun and we will always and gladly recommend you!


“An exceptionally good capacity utilization of our two apartments”

We got to know LP (as a broker) and LR (as a rental partner) as a very competent family business. We have been working with them for several years and there has never been anything to complain about. LP and LR are very well connected internationally. As a result, we look forward to an exceptionally good capacity utilization of our two apartments on the Riederalp. Our access to the very transparent owner's dashboard allows us to have an insight into the current situation of the lettings at any time.


“The rental of the chalet via Leisure Rentals is reliable and done according to our wishes”

We purchased our holiday home in Fiesch through Leisure Properties. The transaction was very professional, uncomplicated and easy for us. Also, the rental of the chalet via Leisure Rentals is uncomplicated, reliable and done according to our wishes. We can definitely recommend Leisure Rentals!


Block the dates for your own usage and track the transactions and your income through your private backoffice with personal login. Keep yourself updated on the yield of your holiday home investment.


Our rental are kept perfectly by our professional cleaning team. If desired, our cleaning team will thoroughly clean the house before and after the seasons. Your home is guaranteed to be treated as if it's our own property.


Our rentals are listed on 30+ portals worldwide and are presented in three different languages, answering curiosities of customers around the globe with in-depth information about the listings and the areas.